New Show Runner Announced

We are delighted to announce Comedy Group Power of Positive Drinking as one of Showrunners For the DC Comedy Festival!

Power of Positive Drinking

Formed in 2014, the Power of Positive Drinking has become one of the most popular and dynamic comedy showcases in the nation’s capital by doing one simple thing: pairing delicious craft beer with free world-class laughs. Nothing goes together better, and the Power of Positive Drinking has done it like no one else can. We gather some of the best comedic talent from across the country and have them perform in unique craft brewery settings. Sometimes we even play games to get the audience involved in the show, with prizes like free beer for the taking! So why haven’t you been to one of our shows yet, silly?!

Pete Musto

Pete Musto is very silly. Part absurd storyteller, part goofy idiot, he looks at the parts of life people take most seriously and holds a funhouse mirror to them. Musto show audiences that when you look at the world in just the right way, you realize how weird and ridiculous everything really is. He also writes, directs, produces and acts in video sketches with his group “the Ex-Wives Club.” You’ve probably seen Pete at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse, Drafthouse Comedy Theater, Cozzy’s Comedy Club, Magooby’s Jokehouse, Laughing Skull Lounge, the Creek and the Cave or the Charm City Comedy Festival. If not, that’s on you!

Leon Scott

Stand up comedian. Writer. Retired sex symbol. Leon Scott wears many hats atop that curly head of his. Aside from being a glistening beacon of supple beige masculinity, Leon writes jokes for Get Up DC! hosted by Reese Waters on WUSA 9. Leon also co-hosts a series of comedy shows around Washington, DC in addition to the Power of Positive Drinking, including “Attack of the Comics.” Leon’s irreverent humor has been featured on NPR, CNN, the Washington Post, the CW and as a beard model for Hennessy. Leon regularly shares his hilariously off-kilter thoughts onstage in cities across the country.

We Laugh Together

‘The D.C. Comedy Festival’ is set to bring out a diverse line-up of comedians from across the country. From open mics and dinners to showcases, headliners, and brunch, the festival is guaranteed to bring out not only the talent but the laughs to everyone who attends. It will also provide an opportunity for comedians to learn how to build their brand and business during an educational workshop.