Elena Torres

Elena Torres

A telenovela actress turned comedian. No, that is not a joke.  After growing up in Mexico and graduating from the University of Southern California, Elena got cast on a Univision soap opera in Mexico City and continued to work for the channel for five years. After several hit telenovelas under her belt, she fell in love with a nice Jewish East Coast guy and realized her heart wasn’t in on-camera face slapping anymore.

So she took the next logical artistic step from doing melodrama in Spanish; she started performing stand up comedy in English. She threw out her telenovela push up bra, moved to the East Coast and has performed in venues all over Washington DC and NYC ever since. (Ok ok, she didn’t throw out her push up bra – those things are expensive..…and they work wonders – but you get the idea. )

Shows Scheduled to Perform

DC Comedy Festival Presents: Greg Stone