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2024 Producer/Venue Submissions

As the 2024 DC Comedy Festival approaches, we’re reaching out to the backbone of the comedy world – you, the producers. Since 2018, DCCF has stood as a beacon for comedic talents and enthusiasts in the Washington DC area. This year, we’re aiming to make it bigger and better, and we believe your contributions can play a pivotal role.

We are excited to invite you to submit your shows and venues for consideration in our 2024 lineup. This is an incredible opportunity to amplify the reach of your productions, spotlight your venues, and be part of a festival that resonates with the motto, “We Laugh Together.”

Venue Submission Requirements:

Date(s) of availability.
Seating capacity and standing space details.
Information on sound system: in-built or external provisions.
Show Submission Details:

Type or style of the show (e.g., Headliner, Podcast, Showcase).
Standard ticket pricing.
Usual show start time and duration.
Average capacity percentage filled during regular performances.
DCCF promises exposure to a wider audience, potential collaborations, and a chance to be part of a community that cherishes and promotes comedic art. Even if your submission doesn’t make it to the main festival lineup, know that all submitted details will be shared with local producers and event organizers for possible collaborations and features in various other shows in and around DC.

The submission window remains open until December 31st. We hope you’ll seize this opportunity to showcase your best and join us in making the 2024 DC Comedy Festival a roaring success.

Remember, together, we don’t just create shows; we create experiences. We eagerly await your participation and are excited about the prospects of laughing together.

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